21 August 1999 (actually in Ranco, Lago Maggiore)

I've finished (well, 99%) the find function. I've also corrected some stupid bugs, and switched the GUI to use TearOff, so you'll be able to move around pieces of the GUI of the main window, and become a cool GUI-designer :)

You can test it directly in the latest beta, available in the download area.

My plans are not to finish the last 1% of the find function (that's the time filter, in detail), because it's boring and long. I think I'll hide the time stuff in the filter window for the official 1.4 release, and then do it for the 1.5. The time filter is harder than I thought to be developed, and ATM I don't have the time to do it.

A new function to export the contents of the archive to a file, or to the printer is ready "on the paper": it means no code has been done, but it's a matter of few hours to implement it.

This would export in mainly three formats (other could be added later, on request): ASCII text, CSV (for databases - spreadsheets) and HTML. The first two should be easy to implement. The HTML part is a little longer to be done, because I want to allow the user to choice between several layouts (table, list, tree, ...) to output.

The printing support will simply be the redirection of the ASCII file to the printer device. Off course, in al the three formats, you'll be able to select which field you want to export (name, comment, sizes, etc.), of the current directory, of the current directory recursively, of the whole archive, of the file found with the find function.

Don't ask me when I'll release "serious" release 1.4 of X-Arc. ATM I really need to study, so I don't have much time to work on X-Arc. Honestly this beta release should be good enough, if no huge bug will be reported, I'll change a couple of thing in the catalogs (= move the infamous strings starting with "£" from the sources to the catalog), update documentation and release everything.

About 1.5: I would like to add the "export" function I described above, add some minor changes and release it in time for Pianeta Amiga (half september). After that, I'll do a small 1.6, with small changes, but with serious translations (I'll give all to ATO, and I'll wait until they'll give me back everything translated.) This will take some time, because there will be several changes in the documentation, and lot of new strings in the catalogs.

Federico Pomi