Date Event
21 Aug 1999 I've finished latest beta (1.4 beta2) of X-Arc, again available for public betatesting. Better find routines, less bugs, new tearoff GUI design.Check Download Area.
9 Aug 1999 I've finished latest beta (1.4 beta1) of X-Arc, and I decided to release it for public betatesting. This version can be tested only by keyfile-registered users. There's no version for NC2 and demo users. Check Download Area.
30 Jun 1999 Finally finished the new X-Arc site. Registered domain. The site is not really an artwork, but at least there is something online!
08 Mar 1999 Released a Locale update. Check Download Area.
03 Feb 1999 X-Arc 1.3 released. Check Download Area.
15 May 1998 First public version of X-Arc ($VER 1.1) released.